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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Chub Creek

I took a trip to a beautiful little creek in Cherokee National Forest.  It's name wasn't really Chub Creek but it should have been.  My friend Hans invited me and a friend of his to fish this little creek.  We got turned around as Hans hadn't been there in about a year but we managed to find it without too much trouble.  We started leap frogging up stream and fished for a couple of hours or so.  Then we moved down low and started over.  Hans caught two small bows right away and that was it for all of us.  I caught about a dozen chubs.  We saw some prolific hatches of yellow sallies and yellow drakes, among others, but we didn't see any fish rising,  With the amount of chubs we saw, Hans suspects that the stocking hasn't been done or that the creek has been hit hard by the locals.  It's a well known creek now as it has been mentioned several times on the internet.  It could be that it has been over fished.  Anyway, here are a few pics of the trip.



Bill Trussell said...

Absolute beautiful stream there and really enjoyed the video. thanks for sharing

Dwayne said...

Thanks, Bill. Glad you enjoyed it. Pass the word about my blog if you'd like :)