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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Quill Gordons and Blue Quills

Hans was headed to the mountains and offered to give me a ride after I practically invited myself along.  With gas prices these days, a fella can't be too thrifty, so I was glad to go on his dime.  He stopped by just before 11:00 am and we loaded up his pick up and headed out...we had only gone a couple of blocks before we turned around to pick up my waders.  He asked me if I had forgotten anything and I assured him that I had not.  I guess waders don't count as much.  After a quick second stop by my car to get my gear, we were off.  We got to the park and stopped to eat just before entering.  Good homemade food.  I had some vegetables and Hans go a nice BBQ sandwich...boy it sure smelled better than my vegetables.  One day I'll have to remedy this constant financial distress that I seem to be in.  Hans had decided that he wanted to hit a run up high.  The weather was nice and it was warm with temps in the 60's or more.  The water was around 50 degrees at about 2500 feet in elevation.  We saw some hatches of quill gordons, blue quills and stone flies but nothing spectacular.  After a bit we decided to heat low to warmer water.  It wasn't long before I got one on, but he was soon off.  I saw some rises but Hans reported that he had seen none.  All in all, it was nice to get out.  I think the rise will be on soon, if the warm weather holds out.  A few pics follow:


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Minnow Pattern

I'm trying to tie larger and more complicated flies.  This one isn't very large, or complicated but it is a change of pace from tying buggers and dries all the time.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Smokies, Fall Colors and Art

I took some of my paintings to Serendipity Artists Gallery in Gatlinburg, TN to see if the owner was interested in displaying them to sale.  She was and I was happy as a lark to have a place to hang them.  She mentioned fishing in the park (or maybe I did) and that's all it took...As soon as we were done with business I took of to fish for small mountain trout on my 4wt fly rod.  I wish that I have gone with the 3wt but I still have a load of fun fighting these small fish.  I love to watch the perform their acrobatic leaps.  The fall colors were nearing peak.  I would say another week and they will be in full effect.  I love the drive through the countryside and my time on the river alone.  Sometimes I'm not alone and I'll look around and see an otter or a bear or something...sometimes it's a tourist taking pictures of me and I feel like the bears.   I wonder if bears get self conscious?  Soon old man winter will be here and the fishing in the mountains will be slow and I'll head down to the tail waters once again.  I actually prefer them most of the time but today was a good day in the mountains.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Marks Morning

My good friend Mark Law only had a couple of hours to get out and fish the park.  It had been a couple of years since he had been able to fish the GSMNP so I tried to let him do most of the fishing.  Unfortunately since it had been so long, he had forgotten much about fishing the park and only got one fish on.  It was a nice fish around 9-10" though.  He had several other rises but no solid takers.  It was fun to get to fish with him again.  We don't get out much these days as he lives about 3 hours away.  Not much of a post but I wanted to post these pics so that he could access them and download them.  I managed to land one little trout about 7 inches long.


The Hiwassee River

My friend Hans said he would give me a lift and introduce me to fishing on the Hiwassee.  I had floated it before, years ago, but had never fished it.  Apparently it's fishable during "the pulse" when they run one generator.  I recommend being close to the bank during this time as I was far out and it was a little scary getting back close to the bank, though I doubt I was ever in  serious danger.  During two generators you had better be out of the water though.  I managed to land a few fish, one of which was around 14-15".  The Hiwassee fished well for me and with an abundance of surrounding national forest that a person can camp in, I recommend it to every one that loves fishing and the outdoors.  
There are several hatches that can come off, depending upon the time of day and year.  It's probably best to do a little research if you like to fish dries.

On the way home...