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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Hard Times

I finally got out for a bit today.  It's been too long since I made it to good water and fished in the shade of the mountains.  A lot has changed since my last post.  My team won the Western Conference Championship and lost to a damn good Penguins team in the Stanley Cup Finals.

I bought a humble cottage near downtown and I'm still hanging out with these two and hoping the oldest one can get a few more months before she has to go.  She's been a loyal friend and gotten me through some hard times, but I won't allow her to suffer to ease the pain of her leaving.  

I'm still trying to train this one to be steady to wing and shot.  Sometimes she will hold and sometimes she won't.  She does usually give me time to get to her and get a shot off.  She's not where she needs to be and she's a competitive bitch, but I blame the trainer.  He has a lot to learn. 


I hit a nice, relatively large section of water.  I was hoping to get into a nice hold over trout, but got into a bunch of stockers instead.  Oh well, it beats sitting at home.

After having some fun on the river, I headed home to get some decent chow.  I'm grateful for even the days that humble me.

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