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Friday, May 17, 2013

A Hard Rain Was Gonna Fall

But it didn't...thank God.  It did rain a bit at the end of the day.  I fished the Smokies today and as always it was beautiful.  I got 5 fish on and one little brown trout to hand.  One of the 5 was around 12-13 inches, which is good for the mountains.  Too bad I didn't land him.  I also stopped and bought some new boots, hackle, hooks and floatant.  I didn't really have the money but I had let things go for too long.  A few pics and a video:




Bill Trussell said...

There is nothing like fishing the Smokies in the spring. Where exactly were you fishing? Any stream you fish in the Smokies is outstanding and the trout are excellent too. Do you ever have problems with ticks? My wife and I were there two years ago on a hike and pulled a few off our ankles. One beautiful place--enjoyed the post.

Dwayne said...

I was on the East Prong of the Little River, Bill. Never had much problem with ticks.