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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Caney Fork 11/1

Stopped by Happy Hollow, but had the generation schedule wrong and had to move on to the dam. Caught two there and got one to hand. Had several strikes that I missed. I got one to take my dry (a BWO that I tied) and Big Popper had a strike on the goofy red "instigator" dry fly that I tied, but he wasn't able to get anything to hand. We then went to Betty's Island around 1:30 and the water was still high, so we fished a bit and went home. The two that I caught were on a black zebra midge that I tied dropped off of the BWO...I think it was a size 18.


M Hill said...


Sorry about the grief that guy on the CT forum has been giving you. You aren't the only one. He seems to pop up about every month or so and make a nuisance of himself and then don't see much of him. If I had the administrative rights, I'd think hard on banning him. BTW, my name on that forum is Caneyscud, and I'm usually working at the store on Saturdays. Come by sometime. Seems you and BigPopper are having much the same problems I did when learning to fish the Caney. And although I am far from being good or really experienced, I have been able to catch fish on a consistent basis. Contact me on if you'd like!

Travis said...

I really need to get out there again sometime soon. Keep working on fishing those midges. Learning how to fish midges in the late fall/winter just helps you to develop so many other skills. By the time next spring comes around things will seem so much easier, and it will be in large part to the effort you put in over the winter.