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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Original Paintings

I also do original artwork. I'm new, but I feel like I'm starting to become a decent artist. I like to paint things that I see in nature and hope to start painting some of the areas that I fish in soon. If you're interested in any of my work, leave a comment.


tennswede said...

I tried to do some drawing with pencil and charcoal. I even signed up for a class. I don't know what happened but the teacher somehow turned me off. I wasn't getting anything out of the class. I tried using drawing books but got stuck after a couple of months. I haven't tried anything in about two years. After seeing your stuff, I'm thinking Hmmm.

Dwayne said...

Hans, thanks. If you want any tips, let me know. I'm not that good, but it is fun to learn.