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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Smoky Mountain Spring Saftey Tips 2013.

I hit one of my favorite runs.  It's not really a good spot to fish if you want numbers and there are a lot of tourists around but boy is it beautiful.  I fished about an hour and a half and only got one to hand but what a handsome Smoky Mountain brown.  I saw a few hatches of smaller flies but didn't stop to look to see what as I have two flies that I fish the mountains with at all times.  Every once in a while I'll stop and look at a hatch if it's a nice one.  Spring is a great time to come to the Smokies.  The fish are eager and the hatches can be wonderful on the warmer days.  The water can get up really high quickly when it rains so be certain to get out of the water if you are wading and it starts raining.  It doesn't take much as the rivers and streams of the Smokies are narrow.  Always be mindful of snakes as you step over logs on the sunny days.  There are some large copper heads in the mountains that can do a lot of damage.  I've almost stepped on one or two myself.   Of course there are bears as well.  I like to wear a bell or two on my gear so that the bears hear my coming and leave as I fish the river from spot to spot.  If you are on a secluded stream, an extra bit of food and water is always a good idea to bring along.  I bring along rain gear and an emergency blanket as well.  If you are alone, at least try and leave a note at the ranger station or let a family member know the general area you plan on fishing.  I carry a whistel with me as I fish alone and don't want to get stuck if I break a leg or something and can't hike out.  The water is very loud as it is rushing off of the mountain and even when the trail is close by, people may not hear  you, if you just yell.  A whistle is much better.  Here are a few pics of my trip today.




Unknown said...

Good stuff, Dwayne... thanks for doing this!

Dwayne said...

No problem. Glad you like it.