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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Winter Fishing on the Elk River, TN

The Elk River in Lynchburg is a tailwater of Tims' Ford dam.  The TVA and Corp of Engineers, which manage the generation schedule of the dam, rarely generates.    It can provide fishing opportuinities when other rivers don't. My good friend Mark Law and I decided to head out this weekend to see what could be done.  We soon found out that the Elk River relies heavily on stocked trout.  There were few fish to be had.  The traditional method of fishing on the Elk is to use streamers and nymphs but an older gentleman suggested I try a dry dropper rig.  After fishing buggers for a couple of hours we headed out to where I had seen a few rises earlier and tried a dry dropper.  Within a few minutes I had two small browns to hand.  I missed a couple of rises to my dry and so did Mark.  We saw no larger fish and nothing moved to take our buggers.  I hear there are hold over trout on the Elk and I have seen larger fish there, even in the heat of the summer but overall the Elk River seems to be a river that produces few hold over fish and I wouldn't recommend it in the winter, unless you have an itch that can't be scratched any other way.  Even so, it was a beautiful day on the water.



Bill Trussell said...

I have fished this tailrace a year ago and yes I landed numbers of stockers. I had fished it a few years before with a 5 wt. which at the time was a bit overkill. So when I went back last year, I was armed with my 7 1/2 ft. 3wt which made a difference in the fight. I had rather land numbers that size than land none at all. It was a lot of fun with my 3wt. Thanks for sharing

Dwayne said...

Bill, thanks for the insight. I have a four weight that I used. I have gotten into stockers around 18 inches in the summer but not the colder months. I think a lot of people keep their catch on the Elk.