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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Fishing in Cades Cove

I finally got to fish a bit.  I hit the Cove and got four on and three to hand.  If I had been a little quicker in my reaction time I may have gotten a couple more on.  One came from the bottom of a deep pool and slammed my fly but when I went to set the hook, the fly popped out.  It looked to be around 12" long from what I could tell.



Bill Trussell said...

I love Cades Cove, the beauty and and the stream make it worth the trip. Nice looking trout--thanks for sharing

Dwayne said...

Thank you, Bill. Thanks for stopping by.

Makayla Bray said...

Nice try but I know you can still make it and catch more fish next time. You really need to have more patience in catching fish. Tennessee fishing is really a great experience that you will love to do it over and over again.

Dwayne said...

Thank you, Makayla