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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fishing the Duck River.

I've always focused on other local rivers and have never fished the Duck much.  I finally got around to going recently and found it to be a fun little river with plenty of wade access.  Most of the fish are cookie cutter stockers but the occasional 20" trout can be found.  The dam tends to be crowded with swimmers and picnickers but the areas down stream aren't too crowded.  This river is more of a streamer and soft hackle river but fish can be taken on dries.  There is a small gas station just past the dam with all of the basics but the rest of the area is fairly sparse in terms of places to eat.  Bringing your own lunch is a good idea.  I didn't notice a fly shop in the area either but I have only been to this river a few times and haven't done much looking around.  Be certain to have a small box of back up flies in your vest in case your drop and lose your main box of flies as I don't believe there is a fly shop nearby.


Brian L. Schiele said...

Looks like a great place to fish!

Dwayne said...

Thanks Brian! You guys will have to come down :)