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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Smokies Spring Trip Part 2

Finally getting around to posting the second day of my last trip to the Smokies a few weeks back.  Definitely my most productive trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  I fished along Laurl Creek headed toward Cades Cove and did pretty well bringing about 12 fish to hand and getting rises from many others.  I found a good cross stream presentation was key and tried to keep just the last few feet of my tippet in the water by roll casting with just a foot or two of float line out of the end of my rod.  Laurel Creek is fairly small but not considered small within the confines of the park.  I did venture off toward Treemont and got two rises and one on right as my fly was going over the lip at the tail end of a jump and a nice little trout was gone which is sad because I have yet to catch one on a dry at Treemont, I believe.  On a previous trip I hooked into a big one up there (by park standards) and couldn't get him to hand.  I recommend 4X tippet once you learn how to get those guys on the line.

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