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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Elk River Trip, Lynchburg, TN

Took my nephew to the Elk River in Lynchburg, TN, the place where they make Jack Daniels whiskey.

  We stopped on the town square and immediately scoped out the food situation.  One restaurant, a BBQ place, a sandwich shop and ice cream parlor and a cafe just off the square.  Dodging all the Harley Davidsons for a parking space (apparently there is a nice bike shop behind the square) we parked and went for some grub at the restaurant.  Not bad considering we were in the middle of rural Tennessee. 

We had a decent lunch and walked up to "Tim's Flies and Lies" fly shop to stock up on a few neccesities. 

Rhonda (Tim's wife and co-owner) was behind the counter and helped us find what we needed: leaders, tippet, flies and a map of the river wade access areas (free photocopy).  They have a nice selection of flies but we didn't know what the hatch might be so we bought some interesting streamers and nymphs and headed to the river (turns out there was a hatch of a very small fly, about size 18, with dun wings and a dull yellow body).  We did well on streamers and saw a lot of activity, some of it by larger fish.  These fish do seem to require a noticable amount of stealth though, so stay low and quiet.  I've been told the fish like to feed in the film, so try keeping your dropper close to the surface.  Maybe tie one without a bead head. It's a beautiful river with a lot of nice eager trout that seem to come on more during the hours just before dark.  Consider the Elk and Lynchburg for a change of pace. 

There are bed and breakfast's in town and a cabin or two for rent on the river.  Stop by Tim and Rhonda's place and say hello.

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