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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tennessee Fly Fishing

Welcome to Tennessee Fly Fishing. My goal on this blog is to provide fly fishing enthusiasts with information about fly fishing in the state of Tennessee and surrounding states. Tennessee has many beautiful and productive tailwaters and streams, the Caney Fork, Clinch, Holston and Cumberland Rivers, just to name a few. I have recently started fly fishing and tying and I have to say; it is the most fun I've had since I was a child. I am learning so many new skills and having a blast at the same time. So far, I've fished the Great Smokey Mountain National Park (GSMNP) and the Caney Fork river. The mountains are beautiful and the trout tend to be small, but they are definitely worth the effort. The Smokey's contian rainbows and browns at lower elevations and rainbows and brooks at higher elevations. The Caney Fork conceals some monster trout and lots of good fishing for browns and bows , is well stocked, and is full of wild trout as well. Tennessee has many regulations on creel limit, size, even type of fly you can use (for instance; the National Park Service requires a single hook lure or fly when fishing in the Smokey's) and the TWRA (Tennessee Wildlife Recreation Agency) has their own regulations which can vary from river to river. Check back on occasion and hopefully the blog will only get better.


David Knapp said...

Glad to see another blogger...good luck and I look forward to reading more...

Ryan said...


You said you liked the Montana Mongoose vice on the LRO board. Shoot me an e-mail, I'll be glad to tell you more about it....glad to see yet another Trout Blogger out there. We'll have to hook-up and fish the Caney sometime.