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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Smokies, Fall Colors and Art

I took some of my paintings to Serendipity Artists Gallery in Gatlinburg, TN to see if the owner was interested in displaying them to sale.  She was and I was happy as a lark to have a place to hang them.  She mentioned fishing in the park (or maybe I did) and that's all it took...As soon as we were done with business I took of to fish for small mountain trout on my 4wt fly rod.  I wish that I have gone with the 3wt but I still have a load of fun fighting these small fish.  I love to watch the perform their acrobatic leaps.  The fall colors were nearing peak.  I would say another week and they will be in full effect.  I love the drive through the countryside and my time on the river alone.  Sometimes I'm not alone and I'll look around and see an otter or a bear or something...sometimes it's a tourist taking pictures of me and I feel like the bears.   I wonder if bears get self conscious?  Soon old man winter will be here and the fishing in the mountains will be slow and I'll head down to the tail waters once again.  I actually prefer them most of the time but today was a good day in the mountains.


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