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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Hiwassee River

My friend Hans said he would give me a lift and introduce me to fishing on the Hiwassee.  I had floated it before, years ago, but had never fished it.  Apparently it's fishable during "the pulse" when they run one generator.  I recommend being close to the bank during this time as I was far out and it was a little scary getting back close to the bank, though I doubt I was ever in  serious danger.  During two generators you had better be out of the water though.  I managed to land a few fish, one of which was around 14-15".  The Hiwassee fished well for me and with an abundance of surrounding national forest that a person can camp in, I recommend it to every one that loves fishing and the outdoors.  
There are several hatches that can come off, depending upon the time of day and year.  It's probably best to do a little research if you like to fish dries.

On the way home...


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