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Friday, May 13, 2011

Smokies Spring Trip Part I

Well, I took a day off and headed to the mountains. Arrived at my aunts house in Knoxville to realize I had contracted a really nasty little cold. Had some dinner and talked for a bit and went to bed. I woke to feeling even worse but decided I would take some daytime cold medicine and head to the mountains anyway. I found a lot of skinny water and found that my dropper was hanging up too much so I went with a dry only and started catching fish instead of spooking them by getting my line unsnagged off the bottom.  I was there about an hour and caught three fish but the thunderstorms moved in and I got soaked. I decided it was best to go to my sisters to dry off and recoup and try again tomorrow. If I do well I will post more later.


Connor said...

Hope your trip got better!
I just got back from the Mnts. fishing. we went up to the top of the little river and fished a couple of holes. The water was to low and the fish were jumpy, but we ended up with 5 fish between 2 of us in 5 hard hours of fishing. Not to mention we were run out of 2 holes by snakes!

Dwayne said...

Thanks, did get better. I hope to have another report up as soon as my puter is back up.