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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Well, I took a couple of days off in July to go see my family and fish the Smokies.  I started fishing the West Prong of the Little River at the pull off just before the road to Treemont.  I fished for about a mile using an Orange Neversink with a Zebra Midge dropper.  I hooked two and got one bow to hand.  If  you ever want to have your picture taken, fish along the road starting here.  I bet I saw 6 or 7 people taking my picture.  One kid took several and followed me for a bit.  I am learning.  I was much more stealthy and stayed hid and quiet for the most part.  Catching fish along the road is never as easy as higher up, so I know I'm getting better.  At least I think I am.


Heather said...

The picture taking distraction is just another way to beef up your skills. Gotta be ready for the challenge if you're fishing over here. :o) Thanks for the post Dwayne!

Dwayne said...

No doubt :)