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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cottage on the Caney and Other Adventures

So, my wife and I rented the "Cottage on the Caney" on the way to Lancaster (I think it's down from what you guys call "The Steps"). I couldn't get the lady to return my calls or my e mails (apparently she had the wrong e mail address for me), so my wife and I got a REALLY late start out of Nashville. Ran into a HUGE traffic jam Friday afternoon and had to detour through Lebanon. Finally made it, but it was too late to fish. I would have left that morning around 10:00am, but since I didn't have any way of getting into the cottage, we waited in case she was perhaps going to meet us there (didn't sound right to me either, but it was worth a shot). We get to the cabin and there is no way to get in, but that back screen door is open and there is a hole where the screen had been pushed in. So, logically (yeah right) I thought: "Maybe she left the backdoor open." Well, the back door was loose and I could see in and noticed a nice little boom box by the back door, but no TV (My wife was concerned about the TV). We left and I called the lady on my cell and left a message. About 1/4 of the way back to Nashville, she calls and we figure out she had the wrong e mail for us. She gives me the code. We go back. As I'm opening the door, I hear tow guys tearing ass away from the bank in a canoe and look over the rail to see them paddling like crazy. I go in and the door to the screened porch is open and the boom box is gone! So, I called the lady to let her know. She acted very put out by me calling her again and I'm thinking "Geesh lady, sorry to call you and tell you you've been robbed." Long story short, I had a miserable first day. Went fishing the next day. Fished for 4 hours to get three dry strikes (light cahill and orange elk hair caddis) and one or two on my midge dropper. Tried fishing an orange tellico and a green wooly bugger, but no luck. Some lady was with a guide down from me and the three of us were the last in the area. She caught two before I left (took about two hours?) and I think she may have been using a clouser, but I couldn't tell for certain. I think it was her first day on the river and she seemed to be having a good time. It was nice to see a newbie (Like I'm mister experience!) have a good time. I had fun watching her catch her first fish, but was exhausted and went back to the cabin (I should have asked her what she was using). About 10:00pm, I decide to let my dogs loose. My lab runs down the hill and disappears in the dark. I walk down to the edge to call for him. I can hear him and he's whimpering. I can barely make out a huge log near the bank and begin to get worried that he may drown (he's pretty dumb this dog). I thought I had about 10 feet to go to the edge, so I ease closer to the edge...One step...two steps...three step WHOOSH! I fell about 10 feet straight down the bank. It was a clean drop off with no hope of stopping myself ( from the top of the hill in the daytime, it looked like a steep bank, not a stinkin' cliff). I hit rock and logs and roll another 5 or 10 feet to the water. I get up and I've pulled a muscle in my shoulder. I have bruised my back and I'm scratched up all over and have a knot on my head the size of a golf ball. I call my wife on my cell and get her down to the bank. I lift my 95lb dog up over my head to the bank and my wife drops me a blanket and uses it to help pull me out. I was too sore to go fishing today, so we left. I'm getting too old for this.

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